Vertical Scroll Bar not Working

lamcewen Community Member Posts: 16

Would anyone know why the vertical scroll bar will not work in the Learning Brothers template "Glossary Right Interaction Page" I have a number of glossary entries that requires a vertical scroll bar. This is a template that has a text box appear when each letter of the alphabet is clicked. Thank you.



  • klaatu
    klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
    This is not really enough to go on. Is this an RCD project? Are you using a web window? How about posting a sample?
  • timk
    timk Community Member Posts: 1,176 ☆ Superstar ☆
    I'm not having any problems with adding a vertical scroll to the textfields...
  • lamcewen
    lamcewen Community Member Posts: 16
    So I can add the scroll bar, and it works in the editor. But when I preview in the browser, the scroll bar is visually there, but inactive. I just did some further investigation given you said it worked for you. It seems that it doesn't work in Microsoft edge or internet explorer but it does work in Chrome. Any ideas?
  • timk
    timk Community Member Posts: 1,176 ☆ Superstar ☆
    My version works in Edge, IE, Chrome and Firefox (preview in browser). As usual Chrome is having problems after publication if viewed locally (the other three work). Did you test online?

  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    Since others are able to not re-create the issue I would suggest submitting a support ticket (if you haven't done so already).  There's a button above under the member's list to take you to our support web page.
  • lamcewen
    lamcewen Community Member Posts: 16
    I am sorry all.  I was away on a family emergency for a bit.  So I figured out that it is the flat blue glossary right template that is causing the problem.  When I use the glossary right template it is fine.  Not sure the reason....but I just switched templates.  Also, the template is very slow to load in chrome, but nice and fast in edge and IE.


    Thanks as always for your help
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