404 Error in Published Course?

mike-m Community Member Posts: 38
This issue is confounding; having created dozens of online courses with this software and host in the same LMS we've never seen this issue.
  1. Publish course in Scorm 1.2
  2. Load course into LMS (Cornerstone)
  3. Preview the course in LMS prior to final publication
  4. Clicking the next button on the Objectives topic/screen, I receive a 404 error that the next page cannot be found.
  5. Published the course anyway to see if "bug" worked itself out, but result was same
  6. Deleted and recreated topic directly after Objective topic, republished, and reloaded the course.
  7. Tested again; same result - 404 error at the same point in the course.
Has anyone seen this and know what causes it and how to fix it?


  • sirwise23
    sirwise23 Community Member Posts: 442 ☆ Roadie ☆
    I have had this happen before with CSoD but republishing usually fixed it. Do you have any special characters in the page names? Any actions on the next button?
  • mike-m
    mike-m Community Member Posts: 38
    Hi Lazaro, thanks for the reply. I checked and removed some special characters in the page titles and republished the course. It's playing correctly now! (Not sure if the special characters were what caused this yet...may test this in the future).
  • 8ball
    8ball Community Member Posts: 35
    In addition to special characters, we've run into issues where if publishing to long HTML names, the name of the HTML page is actually too long when the Title_Chapter_Section_Page Name is built. To solve this we've built it into standard practice to publish always to short names.

    This help to eliminate both issues.
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