Omit Chapters from the TOC Menu

ecollins3413 Community Member Posts: 3
Using Lectora Online (Trial)

Menu Creator:

The program contain six chapters with multiple pages. the 7th chapter (response chapter) contains two response pages. The response chapter should not show on the menu.

In the Menu Creator, I click the visibility checkbox to remove the "response" chapter from the list and the "response" chapter is removed from the menu. When I preview the module, the "response" chapter is not on the menu. I click a menu item to take me to that page then click the menu link to return to the menu, the "response" chapter is now visible on the menu.

The menu object is on the title page under the Book level.  The "Menu" text-link is an object on the Book level and is targeted to the Title Page. Bottom line is the "response" chapter and/or pages should never show on the Menu as a menu option. Don't think it matters but the "Menu" transitions in and out of the page.

Is this issue related to the trial version or is it systemic to Lectora?