danam Community Member Posts: 96
Can you add a Report to the General section on Reporter Assignments? I need to send this out to their managers to ensure that they are getting the correct rights.


  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    I talked to the Support folks and they said you should be able to create a report using the Advanced Reporting feature.  If you have any questions on getting it set up feel free to reach out to them by sending an email ([email protected]) or submitting a support ticket.
  • mbirkmaier2334
    mbirkmaier2334 Community Member Posts: 4
    Can you split user licenses by sub-org?
  • kjones4547
    kjones4547 Community Member Posts: 34
    Keep me on the Manage Courses page that I am on after I process a change in a course or curriculum!

    Example:  I am on page 2 of Manage Courses.  I edit information or update content for that course and click Save.  The system jumps back to page 1 of Manage Courses.  I then have to go back to page 2, find the course I was working on, and continue my changes.