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Has anyone figured out a way to preload video, audio or maybe even the pages?

On our end, we're not experiencing any big delays, but our client is reporting waiting like 15 seconds for an image to come on, for audio to play, and I haven't found a solution to this yet. Most of my content is audio and video base for this project.

I'm looking for a way to try and speed this up or have a loading bar for slides that have a lot of content.

If anyone knows a plugin or something that can help, that would be great




  • jvalley4735
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    Support advises:

    Unfortunately, there really isn't anything you can do to speed up the other person's connection speed. If their connection is really that bad, then they need to build content specifically for that client, i.e. using very small images, no audio or video, and keep the number of images and text to a minimum. If they can find code that can do something to hold back any display before the page begins to load, they can certainly try using it, but that is not something I have seen before. We have a preload option in Lectora, but with a connection that sounds as slows as this, it wouldn't resolve their issue.

    They could try placing a colored image overtop of everything and then hide it after so many seconds, but the issue with that is if one person loads the page faster than the other, then everything would be off in the overall page display.