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I've been having a problem when publishing courses to SCORM 1.2 in v16. I never had this happen in v11 or v12.

I'll publish to SCORM and pop the course into the LMS. We'll start testing everything and some of the attachment links--always attached PDF files--will be missing. I'll open up the SCORM folder that I uploaded and the file won't be there. Sometimes it will show up if I republish. There isn't a real pattern.

So far I've just been opening the package and copying all of the course PDFs over before uploading it, but this seems to be pretty nuts seeing how they should just be in there in the first place.

Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas what is going on? Solutions to make it work right when it publishes?




  • klaatu
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    Just out of curiosity, where are the missing pdf's stored on the authoring computer? could it be that there is a rights issue preventing Lectora from adding them to the published files? Also,  is there anything in common with the ones not copied over, such as characters in the file name, etc..?
  • beeps
    beeps Community Member Posts: 34 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    We created all of the PDFs, so there are no rights issues. We standard format all of our attachment names.

    I'm at a loss. For most of my outputs, I can just pop the missing file in. I just published to exe and the file didn't make it. I'm not sure how to get it in there. I guess I'm going to have to contact support.
  • edt
    edt Community Member Posts: 9
    Not sure how the title got into this scenario, but the problem was it was not being recognized at the title level. It could have been brought into Lectora using a Launch action, then that action got deleted, followed by a Go To Web Address action, which doesn't assign a specific title resource with it.

    The easiest solution was to go into the Resource Manager, i.e. Tools>Resources, look under Attachments/Other, click on the PDF file in question and remove it. Once removed from there, close that down, select the title icon in the Title Explorer window, go to the top ribbon, select Insert>Attachment>File and bring in the PDF file. Once you do this, it should recognize the PDF file for you.

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