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I'm currently in the process of updating all of our old courses and making them responsive. There's one course that has literally hundreds of "On Click Move Object to X, Y"  (It's a race challenge where answering questions right lets the user move ahead of the other characters, wrong lets the other characters move. And the user gets to pick which of the four characters they are).


SO 2 questions:
  1. Is there an easy way to transfer these variables over to a responsive course so it automatically knows what X and Y should equal when switching between the two views? Or do I need to go line by line and update each action individually.
  2. Is there a way to just have the action be on click move this object x spaces to the right instead of giving it a specific x,y location? Because that would also save a boatload of time.

Thank you!



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    Unless there is some way I don't know about, setting up move actions across multiple devices is a HUGE pain in the neck. Essentially, where you had one action "move to 100, 200", you'll need multiple conditional move actions like "move to 10, 20 if view = mobile portrait", "move to 50, 60, if view = mobile landscape", "move to 100, 200 if view = desktop".

    So if I were I would start looking for another competitive quiz idea. Like "Jeopardy" where points lite up. Or tic tac toe.
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    Sergey's suggestion was going to be mine as well
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    Allthough i do agree with Sergey that getting a proper x/y position is hard, it is not undoable.
    For the easy and quick way, indeed forget it... if you a bit like me however, you want to see if you can get it done.

    When you wanna give this a try, go get GSAP. Its one of the best animation tools around, you need to get acquainted with it though. Here you can read up about how GSAP Tweenmax supports responsive animations by using xPercentage and yPercentage instead of just plain x/y positions. That way you dont have to bother with an exact positon, but can handle it with positions relative to your actual viewport.

    Happy animating,


    -2 As answer to your 2nd question. GSAP Tweenmax supports this too. You can either animate to a specific position or trigger an element to animate just 20 pixels to the left from wherever your element might be. Or any other value...