How to add a button to the Money Tab Interaction Template from elearning brother

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elearning Brothers interaction template "Money Tab" has a tab slider that moves up and down the page to point to the button you are hovering over. The template says you can add buttons (the template comes with 5 buttons) but I can not figure out how to get the slider to recognize that there is another button. Has anyone worked with this?

Does anyone know how to ask elearning brothers directly? They do not seem to have any support forums.


  • timk
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    To add a button to the Money tab interaction:
    1. Copy a button and the respective Content group - If you copy both elements at the same time all links will remain correct. Name "Group_6" and "Button6"
    2. Add an action on page level to "Show: Button6" There's an animation included by showing the buttons with short delays. This needs be synchronized.
    3. Add two actions the group "Hide all", to "Hide: Group 6" and "Set state (enable): Button6"
    4. Modify the "Run javascript"-action on Button6. Find the line:
    var tab = tempArray[4].getBoundingClientRect();

    Change the number to [5] (for the sixth button).

  • lamcewen
    lamcewen Community Member Posts: 16
    Thank you so great!