Cheap external hosting solution?

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Hi all,

I'm developing a module to be delivered to many clients (approx 5000 people). Previously, we have developed a training video and loaded to vimeo, given them the link and done. Easy.

However, we face the case where an eLearning module has been requested but our LMS is not at the stage for external clients to login and complete the module, so I need to find another solution.

Any suggestions?  I've been looking into Amazon S3 to host, however the pricing has me stumped (I'm no expert in this field)

The pricing says that the free tier is 5Gb, 20,000 get requests and 2,000 put requests (I'm lost on what the 'requests' are)

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

(I know this forum may not be the most suitable place for this question, but it does gain the most attention)


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    Frankly, if you are about to train 5000 people then you should plan for some tech budget, shouldn't you? Let's say your customer pays 50 cents on a learner. That's $2500 to play with.

    If you are not doing any tracking, just delivery, you won't need a powerful machine or lots of RAM. Amazon micro instance should be enough but be prepared to pay for traffic/requests overage. To give you an idea, an average Lectora course page generates 30-90 requests per page depending on how many images, audios, scripts and files are there. You can easily test your own course by opening Dev Tools in Chrome and checking the Network tab - number of requests and bytes transferred are seen in the bottom row.

    So let's say your course is 60 pages and total size is 100 Mb. A single learner viewing this course once will generate about 3000 GET requests and 100 Mb in traffic. Five thousand learners will generate 15 million requests and 500 Gb of traffic.

    At [$0.004 per 10,000 requests] plus [$0.090 per GB] it will cost you 51 dollars to put all 5000 people through your course once.

    If you are delivering SCORM content and need learner management and tracking, try SCORM Cloud. You pay for registrations, i.e. [user x course] schema. 5000 users taking 1 course will generate 5000 registrations in the first month, that's $1200 in the first month and then you switch to the lowest tier which is $75 per month and allows 50 registration (but all your users have already registered and are happily using your course).

    Or get an AWS instance with Moodle pre-installed and run it from there, for free.
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    Great answer, Sergey. Unfortunately, the vote up ability is missing so..