Error loading course to CourseMill

ahagen8213 Community Member Posts: 19 ✶ Headliner ✶
I am getting "error copying html files to Coursemill" but do not get any tips on what is causing the error and how to address it.

It is a large media-rich course, 2053K

I appreciate any help I can get.





  • nhaven1609
    nhaven1609 Community Member Posts: 16
    This is caused because when you publish from Lectora to CourseMill, you are using the Web Browsers's timeout (most likely IE's default timeout).

    If you log into the CourseMill interface and upload the CMSCORM zip (inside your title's fodler) directly to the course, CourseMill will use a Flash upload. This usually works for most courses.

    With your course being a large one, there is a third method, let me know and i can help you with that version.