get the score of quiz before "Submit Test"

cpliu Community Member Posts: 237
I'd like to get the score of the quiz before submitting the test. AICC_Score does not have value until submit/process test/survey.

The only way is to manually calculate the score. Is there a simpler way?



  • timk
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    Processing a test means checking all questions and calculating the score. I don't think there is a way to get the score, unless you calculate it yourself.

    The score of a test is saved in the variable "NameOfYourTest_Score". If you have test sections, you'll also find a score for each of the sections "NameOfYourTest_NameOfYourSection_Score". AICC_Score is the score for the whole AU. It may be equal to the tests score, but doesn't have to be.

  • cpliu
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    Thank you for the reply, Tim. I tried the other variables and they're not the same as the final score all the time. I will try to process it after submitting, then.
  • sirwise23
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    I think you are trying to get the score for a test without getting the score submitted to the LMS or AICC_Score.

    This can be done by unchecking the check box 'Include test score in overall score" in the test properties. I have included a screen shot.

    I do this for all my courses because I don't want AICC_score to be filled until a passing score is achieved.

    So when you submit a test, the score gets saved to the variable 'TestName_Score'. In the example on my screen shot that will be 'OL5206_Score'.

    You can later have an action somewhere to modify the variable AICC_Score to make it equal to 'TestName_Score' I personally do that by setting that action with the condition that 'TestName_Score' is Passed.

    Hope this helps.
  • cpliu
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    Good idea on checking off the "Include test score in overall score"

    Thanks for the help.