CornerStone on Demand and Lectora 16 RCD


Has anyone build an RCD course to be hosted on CornerStone on Demand? Not using the LMS mobile app feature, the client runs into trouble when running the course on mobile and tablet - the course is shrunk down, to sit top left with a margin right and bottom. I have attached a screenshot of the problem.

The course runs perfectly on mobile and tablet, from my Moodle and Scorm Cloud.

Any help or pointers would be massively appreciated.




  • klaatu
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    This is just a guess but you might want to see if this meta tag is present and if it is not, add it.

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

    This tells the device to make the content 100% of the width of the devices viewport and also to set the initial scale (which controls the zoom percentage) to 1 which is no zoom.
  • kineouk
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    Thanks Darrel.

    I couldn't get access to the version they provided that screenshot for. That was a Scorm2004 build. I then sent them a 1.2 version, that they could provide me access to, and that works fine (screenshots attached).

    So, as long as the client uploaded this correctly for the original version, this looks to be a 2004 issue. I have since been advised by my tech team that "2004 will likely have a different frameset to 1.2, or at least i have seen that on other LMS's".

    The client is happy with 1.2 - so for me, problem solved :)

    Maybe this will help someone else with the same issue.

  • 8ball
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    Has anyone solved this for SCORM 2004?