weird errors coming up

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Since the update I've gotten a few weird errors that weren't showing on friday.  Not fully sure if it's from the updates or if I did something to cause this when I was mostly just working with text and questions this morning.

At first the project was acting fine, but then it started acting weird with the bottom scrollbar disappearing, after publishing some times the screen would be show up as the phone setup but still think it's under desktop setting. I started getting a popup about property "bRespDesign  of null" error, there was another one involving the progress bar, and then the 1004 error happened. I haven't been able to find anything on these errors, what could cause them or how to fix them.

Currently I can't preview or publish my project, and the Error Check button is disabled.


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    Can i get you to open a support ticket with as much info as you can provide. We'll definitely take a look at it. If you have a small reproducible title to give them that helps too.
  • avanneer9353
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    Hi all,

    We currently encounter the '1004: Web Remoting client callback error' as well, when trying to view/edit variables.

    Details show:


    message:  B.resSkinSprite.updateUseCount is not a function

    name:  TypeError


    TypeError: B.resSkinSprite.updateUseCount is not a function

    at /app/BN0018/js/titledata.js[7:195217]   jsObjVideo.jsCWObj.checkUseCount

    at /app/BN0018/js/titledata.js[11:78780]   jsObjVideo.checkUseCount



    Was there any conclusion or answer regarding error 1004 or was there no support ticket submitted?
  • leapinglizard
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    Last week we began seeing: "1004: Web remoting client callback error" when going to Tools > Resources >

    We were wanting to remove unused Resources and Variables before publishing but keep receiving this error message every time whether it is trying to clear unused Resource or Variables.