Error: Some of the persistent data was not able to be stored

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Hello and thanks for reading my first ever post here in the Trivantis Community. So exciting :)

Hopefully I will be able to offer some assistant in the future, but for now, a question:

Has anyone seen this error? Several coworkers and I are seeing this when testing our Lectora titles, that we have published to SCORM and loaded into our LMS. We click through the course, answer the test questions correctly, and then click on a button at the end, with an action on it to process the test. This is the error that pops-up. "Some of the persistent data was not able to be stored". The activity doesn't close, and the completion status is not passed to our LMS. Test score is 100, but it shows as incomplete.


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    Welcome to the Community!  I'm the community manager so if you ever need anything feel free to tag me in a post by entering in @jvalley4735.  Usually, when I run into that error it means that i've filled up my browsers caching data and it's warning me that no more can be saved.  To fix it I would clear my cache and browsing data and then re-enter into the course.  I'm not sure what to say about it happening to several people at once.  Let me see if Support has a suggestion for you as well.
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    Can it be that Lectora is trying to save some suspend data via SCORM and that data is just too long? Can you see logs from your LMS or browser networking logs to confirm that? This usually happens when there are a lot of quiz questions or quiz texts (Qs and As) are very long.

    Can often be solved by publishing for SCORM 2004, not 1.2. Or modifying questions a bit.
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    Thank you @jvalley4735 and @ssneg. I'll update once the user with the issue gets back to me!
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    I ran into this error months ago. If I recall correctly, the problem was that I had a lot of completion questions and exceeded the question/answer character limit (for the entire title) associated with publishing to SCORM 1.2. I resolved it by changing the questions and publishing to SCORM 2004. Also, there is a code that you can change in the SCORM zip file that allows you to turn off the error message that the learner sees in this situation. You can enter a trouble ticket and they'll tell you which file and what setting. I think it's the trivantis.js file (open the zip file > right click the file > click edit), find "bDisplayErr=true" and change true to false. I hope this is helpful.