How do I reset a timer on a page

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This feels like a silly question but how do you reset a Lectora timer object on a page?

The timer counts up when they get to the page. If they leave the page and come back, the timer picks up where it left off. I want to have an on show action on the page to reset the time... However it seems like the time functions like a media file. I can user all the media actions, like pause, play, etc. However there is nothing to set it back to 00. Do I have to treat this as a media file and do this with Javascript? I wouldn't even know what this is considered. Is it a video file? Not sure how to reset it.



  • timk
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    You can use all media-type actions Play, Pause, Stop (=Reset). The timer also supports On: Done playing.

  • ssneg
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    Two actions. First, stop it. Then, play it. It will play from the beginning. Like an mp3 file.
  • sirwise23
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    I will give that a shot. I didn't think the stop/play reset it because the timer continues where you left off when you leave the page and come back, which is unlike every other media object. Didn't even occur to me to try that.