Issues on tablet/phone using built in menu

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Hi all, new to the forum not new to Lectora. We've a client who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons, who's requested we use Lectora's built in menu (we normally create our own custom one). However upon testing on iOS and Android devices we've noticed this frankly annoying behavior:

If your unable to view the video, the menu consists of chapters and their sub pages. You can click on the sections to reveal its sub pages but before you can select one it disappears. I suspect this is due to when tests on a computer the menu is driven from hover events which obviously don't exist on a touch screen device. Anyone experienced similar or have any suggestions? I'm hoping I've missed something obvious.

This was created using Lectora Online if that changes anything?


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    We reviewed this issue with our Lectora Online developers and it is a bug. The current menus are't working on mobile devices the way they should. The  work-around, for now, is to not use the menu object in the mobile views. Drag it off the page and instead use a drop-down list version of the Table of Contents object.

    We'll work to get this fixed in a future release.
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    It is suppose to be time based on mobile devices, we will take a look at it.