More functionality and conditions inside a menu

sirwise23 Community Member Posts: 442 ☆ Roadie ☆
I would love to see the ability to better control how a menu navigates and functions. For example, the ability to set conditions on the go to page command to not let you go to a page you haven’t been to already (This could be done with variables of course but right now there is no ELSE Action).

Perhaps even the ability to have chapters that have not been visited grayed out until they have been there once. I want people to have to visit every page in a course in a linear fashion but want people who have already gone through the course to be able to go where they want to review. Right now I have to do this with multiple menu items that show different menus depending on a condition.

I have been able to get some control over this by having every menu item run an action group and set the conditions in that action group. It’s a bit messy but functional however you can’t use this at all if you are creating a menu using the TOC.


  • lsilver
    lsilver Community Member Posts: 80
    This is a great suggestion! On our feature backlog is an enhancement for the ability to set prerequisites for a menu or TOC that you use to determine when a user can visit a specific chapter, section, or page. Thanks so much for submitting this. Your suggestions  help us to better define the requirements for the feature as well as the priority. Keep them coming!