Launch new window in Run Mode via Hyperlink

ctugna3662 Community Member Posts: 2

I have texts on my title that I've hyperlinked to another page within the title, and set it to launch a new window. When I try it Run Mode the new window comes up blank. If I set the hyperlink to open the page in the same window it works in Run Mode.

Is this because the title isn't published yet, or is it because its not possible to launch a page within the title in a new window?


  • wendymiller
    wendymiller Community Member Posts: 244
    Hi Carl,

    That should work in run mode. Any chance you have a popup blocker on in your browser?
  • ctugna3662
    ctugna3662 Community Member Posts: 2
    Hi Wendy,

    Popup blockers are disabled. The funny thing is we published the title and loaded it on our LMS, and the popups are working fine there even though they're coming up blank in Lectora's Run Mode.

    Anyway, since it works after getting published I don't have to dwell so much on this issue.