Bookmarking when publishing to HTML without using SCORM

noms Community Member Posts: 3
I am currently using Lectora 12 and would like to know if it is possible to set up bookmarking on a published HTML course without using SCORM.


  • ssneg
    ssneg Community Member Posts: 1,466 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Yes, bookmarking works without SCORM, too. It uses cookies so progress is only stored on your local device. With SCORM, the progress is stored in the LMS so accessing from multiple devices still lands you where you left off.
  • noms
    noms Community Member Posts: 3
    Thank you @ssneg. I currently do not have access to a working LMS which is why i'd like to opt for the one that works without SCORM. Can you please share steps on how i can achieve this on my local machine.