Problems with Last Visited Page action

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In my course I have a Help page that used to open in a separate window, but that's been causing problems for our mobile users, so I'm converting it to go to the page, then return to the last viewed page, but it doesn't seem to be working.


The Help button is placed just under the AU, so it appears on each page, and has the following details:
  • Trigger: Mouse Click
  • Action: Go To
  • Target: Help Page
  • Scroll To: Top of Page
  • Open In: Existing Window

Pressing the button anywhere in the course takes you to the correct page.  On that page is a shape with the following action:
  • Trigger: Mouse Click
  • Action: Go To
  • Target: Last Visited Page

Clicking on it doesn't do anything.  I've also tried adding a button in with the same action - the button depresses, but still nothing happens.

I have another eLearning course that I've just started to create which has the same button properties as the ones described above, and that works fine.  The only thing that is different between the two courses is that the one that works is a normal course, and the one that I'm having problems with is a responsive design.  Any ideas about what could be causing the action not to work?



  • ssneg
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    Let's troubleshoot. Two ideas:
    1. Replace the "go to last visited page" action with "display message - Hello!" - does it fire at all?
    2. Are you previewing this in Lectora or locally? Upload whole course to an LMS / web server, try it there.
  • jgauci1481
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    Yes - changing it to the message action does fire and display the message.  Changed it back to the GoTo Last Visited Page action and nothing happens again.  It's like it can't remember what the last page does.

    I'm previewing it in Lectora, using F11.  All my other actions work except for this one.

  • jvalley4735
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    Previous page sends the user to the previous page, relative to the current location. So if it's the only page within it's chapter it may not recognize where it should go.  Try switching it out with Previously Visited Page.  That one will take the user to the previously visited page, regardless of its location within the title.
  • jgauci1481
    jgauci1481 Community Member Posts: 13
    Hi Jennifer,


    I don't have it set to Previous page - I have it set to "Last Visited Page".  I'm using Lectora Inspire v16.2.  Screenshot attached of the action on the shape, but nothing happens when I click it.
  • timk
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    Which version of Lectora is it? I can't recreate the issue in v16.1.2. For me, Go to "Last visited page" is working in Preview (F11) in a responsive course as well.

  • jgauci1481
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    I'm on v16.2 Tim.  I can't understand why it's not working either.  Like I said - I have another Lectora Course where I've done exactly the same thing and it works.  It's like once it gets to the Help page, Lectora can't remember where it's come from.  The Help Page is the only page in the Help Chapter.  I can go to it from any other Chapter in my course , but it won't g back.  Here's the action on the Help button:

  • janie
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    Hi Joseph!

    You said that when you changed the Help page 'return' button to display a 'Hello' message, that it worked, right?

    Can you try setting it to return to a specific page in the course (not the 'last visited' - any given page) and see if it works then?

    Also, you mentioned that you have a 'shape' on the Help page. Did you literally mean one of the Lectora shapes? Or have you created (or imported) a button?

    And one of my last troubleshooting techniques is to just give up trying to figure out what went wrong with something and just recreate it from scratch - that tends to work more often than not if I run up against something that misbehaves for no apparent reason.

    Good luck!
  • klaatu
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    Joe, did you by any chance cover the entire return to last page visited shape with a text box that indicates what clicking on the shape does thereby preventing the click?  Don't laugh, I just did that it by accident trying to re-create your problem...
  • jgauci1481
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    Hi Darrel,

    Not laughing at all - that was the first thing I checked!  The item that triggers the action has the text built in, and there's nothing else layered over it.


    Hi Jane,

    I just changed the action to jumping to a specific page, and that worked.  Changed it back to Last Visited Page and nothing again.  I do literally mean a shape with an action attached.  This was the first course I created in Lectora, so and I can't remember why I made some of the items shapes instead of buttons, but they work everywhere else in the course.

    Unfortunately, this is a 4 Chapter, 27 page course with built in simulations, a 10 question test and responsive design, so I don't really have the option of just starting again.
  • timk
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    Shapes should work, these are .pngs after publication. I tested with a shape as well and it worked. By the way, did you test in the published files? Your users won't see the Lectora preview. I don't think it will be necessary to just start again, but it may be useful to delete and rebuilt the "Go to last visited page" button / shape. If you're familiar with the IE developers tools (F12) or Firebug it may be an idea to use this to find out what the shape does in the browser.

    Another option could be to use the javascript code of Lectoras "go to last visited page" action. Change the action to

    Action: Run Javascript

    trivExitPage( 'history.back()' );

    and see if that works.

  • jgauci1481
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    I deleted the shape, saved the course and closed Lectora.  I then opened it again, added a button this time and still the same problem.  I've even tried replacing it with the Java code you gave Tim, and still the same problem.

    I went into the run version and turned on the debug window then ran a preview, and the debug window says that the action on the button fired, so it thinks it's working, but nothing is happening.  It's like it's lost the history somehow.

    I haven't published this yet, so I've only been testing it in the Lectora previews.
  • edt
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    Hi Joseph,

    Being that you have one title that works with the same setup and no one else can replicate the same issue, it would appear to be something specific to your title. If you could zip up your title and upload it to, I can take a look at it for you. I can create a support case for you once you let me know the title has been uploaded or you can go and create your case there.


  • jgauci1481
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    Hi Ed,

    I logged a new case with Trivantis last night (Case #137541 ) and uploaded a cropped version of the eLearning file this morning.  I've had to crop some of the content out for confidentiality reasons, but I've checked and the problem is still occurring in the cropped version.