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Hello, I'm trying to come up with a way to block the user from exiting, minimizing, adjusting, etc. a lectora course once it has been locked by the user until the instructor has input a code or password to unlock it. Any suggestions? I'm using a lot of date pickers, entry fields, and radio button that are not allowing me to easily change their function in lectora.


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    I don't understand your use case. Can you provide more details? What do you mean by "locked"? How does a user (learner?) lock a course? Also, is the course running in browser? There is no way you can prevent someone from minimizing their browser unless you have control of their device.
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    You can use an entry field with a variable to create a password page.  As far as locking down functionality like exiting you're going to limited if sharing the course in a browser....
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    I guess this is actually a two part question; I'm just trying to make sure that the user has no means of restarting the course other restarting their computer or asking the instructor for assistance:

    1. Locking the user's page:

    Initially, my plan was to develop each page as intended, where the user would click a page and follow the required actions (instructions) needed to move forward onto the next page. If they failed to do so when the required allotted action frame (3 times) the course would then lock them out until the instructor came by and typed in their code (password) to allow the student to continue working. I was going to go back to each page and set up a counter for each action (area) that the user could interact with that was not part of the instruction as well as actions that the instructor may not want the user doing in the allowed areas (such as entering the wrong numbers in an entry field the user is allowed to input information into) and add it to the counter so that the counter had a means to grow and eventually lock the user out. But, I seem to run into a few problems with that method as I used a lot of radio buttons, entry field, menus, the data picker, and popup windows. Sometimes it worked, other times it didn't. Sometimes just changing one piece of code or action stopped it from working again.

    I couldn't get the radio buttons to stay on the screen and act like buttons that you are not allow to press (I wanted them to be deselectable radio buttons, you could see then but, couldn’t do anything with them) while the original radio buttons were underneath. I don't know if that was a glitch or not. What I did was create two copies of all the radio buttons, the originals and the ones the user was allowed to clicked but were supposed to do nothing (I initially had these hidden, always on top, and were only supposed to appear when my counter numberofclicks was greater than 3, while the original hid).

    I tried doing pretty much the same concept most of the others: entry fields though (I used text fields turned into images when the other way wasn't working). I'm haven't gotten far enough to know if I can block the date picker or not with this method when needed particularly the calendar as it pops up from the JavaScript code and not from my placement. (While I'm thinking of it. Sergey, what program did you use to access or write the date picker?).


    2. Keeping the user from closing the locked pages:

    I noticed Friday that Lectora has an exit/close window action....Can that action be used to prevent Lectora from closing a page/window?

    For example, if a user has used (clicked) the wrong action more than 3 times can I create than action that states:

    For Main Window: On Show, Exit/Close Window (all) if Number of Clicks is less than or Equal 3, User Name Equals Bob, etc. Else Do Nothing

    And since the user has clicked more than three times, the requirement for closing the window can't be met, which means it can't be closed, right?

    Than do something similar to the instructor popup window: On Show:  Exit/Close Window (any) if Code is not empty, Password is not empty.

    Hopefully, this better explains what I'm trying to do. Eventually, I hope to simplify it for whoever may look at it after me.
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    I figured out how to stop the radio buttons and the entry fields from moving forward in the course by limiting the go to functions with the counter numberofclicks less than equal to 3 can goto...

    but not how to top the user from constantly changing the data.
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    It looks like you are creating duplicate elements (active and non-active) on every page. This is overkill and way too much work. Without knowing too many details about your course, I'd do one of the following:
    a) when the course needs to be locked, just force-send the learners to a page saying "Locked! Enter password to reset". This way you only need one action (go to Locker page) on the title level plus, of course, the Locker page.
    b) same setup but without leaving the current page. On title level, create an "always on top" full-page blocking popup that obscures everything on any page and add a title-level action to show it when the attempt counter fills up. Again, you only need to do it once per course.

    As for the calendar, I used this: