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Two colleagues of mine use Storyline, and for a recent project have purchased Articulate Online.

It is a significant improvement on our current LMS, and it has been suggested it may be a longer term solution.  As a test, I attempted to upload a Lectora published scorm file, however it only allows Storyline published courses.

Is there any information in the published .zip file I can amend to remove the trail of the scorm being Lectora produced?


Somewhat disappointing.  ReviewLink allows Storyline SCORM courses to be uploaded, however that's clearly not mutual.


  • ssneg
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    Articulate Online is not SCORM (or TinCan, or AICC) compliant so it will not be able to track courses produced in any tools. Not even Articulate Storyline courses published to SCORM will be compatible. The only courses it can track are those produced in Articulate tools and published to the Articulate Online proprietary format. See, they even have separate tabs for the LMS (SCORM) publishing and Articulate Online publishing:

    Having said that, I am pretty sure that it is possible to trick Articulate Online into thinking a Lectora course (or any other HTML content) was actually produced in one of their tools and is trackable in AO. But to do that I'd need course upload access to Articulate Online. If you're willing to set me up, I'd give it a try.
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    Hey Sergey,

    Really appreciate the assistance.  Unfortunately that won't be something I'll be able to provide as much as I'd like to!

    Thanks anyway!

    Will see what I can do!
  • ssneg
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    Ok, a bit more information. Articulate Storyline publishes to a proprietary format .SL1, which is in fact a ZIP file containing TinCan output plus a meta.xml file with a bit of data about your course. I'm pretty sure that Lectora's TinCan output plus that meta.xml file plus a couple of little one-time tweaks would work in Articulate Online just fine. So you should be able to upload Lectora courses to Articulate Online.

    I am not sure how happy Articulate guys will be about that and whether this violates their terms of service.