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Right click menus and hyperlink text

kwistingmphi-org Community Member Posts: 41
Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

If a hyperlink is in a textbox the right click menu does not appear.

Occasionally I copy and paste a text box to another page, so I can keep the formatting and location of the text. However, if the original textbox has a hyperlink in it, and I select all the text to replace it with the intent of using the right-click menu option Paste Unformatted Text, the menu does not appear. And will not for that textbox ever again. This menu does not appear for any textboxes with hyperlinks.


  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    Hmmmm....I just tested it in 16.2.1 and I can't recreate the issue.  What version are you running?  Could it be a lag in the available memory or CPU on your computer?
  • timk
    timk Community Member Posts: 1,147 ✶ Headliner ✶
    I can't recreate it either in v16.1.2.

    I can't paste text (neither unformatted or formatted) when right-clicking while the mouse is over a hyperlink although I can if the mouse is over a different part of the textfield. Still the context menu opens any case.

    Pasting a hyperlink unformatted will remove the hyperlink...

    Maybe you can try to paste the text formatted. You could also try to paste the text unformatted not via the context menu but with the shortcut: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [v] That worked for me even while the mouse was over the link.

  • kwistingmphi-org
    kwistingmphi-org Community Member Posts: 41
    All other forms of paste work, the menu just doesn't appear. I have version v16.2.1. I wonder if it's the specific file and /or textbox that is corrupted. I'll keep playing around with it. Thanks!
  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    Could be!  If you continue to have issues contact Support using the "Submit a Support Ticket" option under the Active Users group and they'll be able to troubleshoot further.
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