ReviewLink - project appears different, videos not working

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Greetings! I'm looking for some help. We just started using Lectora Inspire and I have created a couple of modules. I've uploaded one of the modules to Reviewlink and assigned to colleagues to view, but it looks like the content is appearing differently in ReviewLink than it did in the Lectora preview. Some of the things I've written into the module that worked in Lectora (such as 'click the red X in the box to close this window") are not showing the red X in ReviewLink and it isn't clear to the reader how to close the particular pop-up (the "x" is very, very tiny!). Additionally, I've embedded a video, which plays without issue in Lectora preview, but the video won't play in Reviewlink. It just hangs up like its loading (you know - the circle that just goes round and round...

Is this normal for ReviewLink? If not, how can I be sure that my content will load correctly when publishing it to our LMS? Will I get the Lectora view, or the ReviewLink view? I was under the impression that it would show up the same in ReviewLink as in the Lectora Preview, but that is not the case.

Any ideas/suggestions/tips? Please be gentle - I'm still a novice!


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    Hi Kris - it looks like no one has an answer for you.  I'm trying to figure this out for myself!  I've uploaded my course to ReviewLink, but when I open it there, it's shrunk my pages so much that a lot of my text runs over each other when it doesn't appear that way either in Run mode on Lectora (Online for me) or even when I download it in HTML and preview it that way.

    Have you been able to figure out how to make this work for you?

    Thanks, Ande
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    Hi Ande - no, I still do not have my issue resolved. I may try to upload to my LMS from Lectora just to see what happens. I had the same thing happen to me where the size was smaller in ReviewLink and pictures/lines crossed over text, etc. It didn't look like that in the Lectora run or preview mode. It would help to know if this is just a conversion into ReviewLink issue, so that when people make comments about those issues, I know that they don't need an actual "fix" because the final product will look like it did in Lectora. Now, if it is the case that it ends up looking like what it does in ReviewLink, then it would be good to know so that those particular edits can be made - and it would be extremely frustrating if that is actually the case....
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    I'm really new to this too, but since I really needed to upload my training to get comments from the client, I went through my training and resized text and images.  I learned that I really needed to use the Lectora Online default layouts to get everything to post in a way that could be reviewed.  The problem with that for me, though, is that I have to use the default text sizes and spacing on the "slides."  Even with following the default layouts, the text shifts to the upper left side of the screen and doesn't seem to use much of the right side.

    That's all I got for you!  Hopefully someone from Trivantis can explain these shifts or fix whatever causes this so that we can do more of a WYSIWYG in our design.

    Cheers, Ande