Playing Video While Buffering

jblochowiak Community Member Posts: 18
I have a recorded PowerPoint presentation I need to put inside a CBT. The recording is saved as an MP4 file and uploads to Lectora fine. But when I try to play the video, it takes forever to buffer and then play.

Is there a way to get it to play right away, while the buffering happens? I don't see that as an option in the Properties.

Thank you in advance for your help.


  • krodgers6170
    krodgers6170 Community Member Posts: 25
    Option 1: You can assign an action to that page :
    • Trigger:Show
    • Action: Play
    • Target: Video
    Option 2: You can also select the auto start option, which, if you select the Mp4 you'll see this option in the properties panel. Caution: This option does not work for mobile. If you want this to work on a mobile device, use Option 1.

  • jblochowiak
    jblochowiak Community Member Posts: 18
    Neither option is working. I don't know why. :-(
  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    It may have to do with the videos file size and your internet connection.  How about trying to compress it more when you publish?
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