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In a project i have to create dozens of variables, and change actions to target those variables.

Allthough i do like variables in Lectora, i do think the way of working with them can be improved quite a bit.

Several things i would like to see in a future version for working with variables:

- Create a range of variables with some input. Eg. a slider stating create VariableRange, with inputs for the naming options... and the initial value and retain or not.. Actually being able to use Arrays would even be better. In fact a variable can be an Array as is, but what cannot be done now, is set a single entry for an array, or get a single entry.

- Order your variable window in the tools better. Make some folder setup there, so you can arrange and set it better...So if you have a list of 100 variables or donot need to scroll and search when your setting your actions. Variable groups or something like that might be nice. When setting an action to a variable autopicks the next not used variable in that group. When copying and pasting that action, it just uses the next free variable in a specified group.

Hope you guys do think these are improvements.. i do :-)


  • ssneg
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    My little lifehack with variables is to name them with an underscore at the front: _ScoreCount, _LastPos, _bt_status2, etc. This will bring them to the top of any dropdown list so they are quicker to access and don't mix in with the standard Lectora variables.

    Although I haven't used hundreds of variables, when I had to manage a few dozen, I'd change the prefix to something else, so e.g. I'd have a group of variables starting with an underscore, with two underscores and with a zero. All of them would be sorted above the standard variables, and also by their prefix.
  • mnotermans5114
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    Indeed doing this too... but working on a project where i got 130 variables... and allthough it works..some better interface would do wonders...
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    Also, it'd be easier if all variables were initialized on all pages, or there was a checkbox in Variable Manager to force a variable to be initialized on all pages.
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    I've pass along your suggestion to our development team.