Zip output enhancement

klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
Although they are not required in an LMS it would be helpful, especially for storing back-ups and forum posting, if the publish to zip option automatically put the archive in a folder named zip and included a copy of the .awt and .ini files.

Even better, instead of making it a separate option, if you choose to create a zip have the export do both. For instance if I'm exporting to web put the published files in the HTML folder as it does now and also automatically create a zip folder with a zipped copy that includes the .awt and .ini. This should be left an option so those who do not want or require a zip do not use the extra space.


  • timk
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    You can go to "File > Export > ZIP" to get a ZIP that contains the AWT with all related "images", "media", etc. folders.

  • klaatu
    klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
    That's a great tip (and honestly I overlooked it)  but I'd like the zip to contain the exported html files as well. Now when I want to attach an output in a post I export to web, choose zip as the output and add the awt as well as any JS libraries utilized (so no one has to root around the html file for the code).

    I realize the zip output is there because some LMS allow you to just upload a zip file and 'Viola!', but I'm also trying to make it easier to help others (me being lazy again). I suppose the answer is to use the export option and make whomever publish it themselves.

    In any case, I thank you for pointing that out to me.
  • ssneg
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    When I share a project with anyone, I usually do it in two easy steps: Publish as HTML (zipped), then Export ZIP. I get two files - source and output. I am not sure this functionality needs much improvement.
  • klaatu
    klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
    You're obviously not as lazy as me. Seriously though, you're saying you export twice (publish to web and export to zip for instance) and then either put them together (which is step 3  ) or send/post two separate files? That simple process seems like more work than I do now which is to drag the awt and external resource folder into the published HTML zip (when I can remember to do so...).

    If the publish to HTML zip file option included the awt and copy of the resources that are added to the index.html file (shudder) then it would a one step and done process.

    No worries. It was just an idea.