Bullets and Numbers

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I came across and interesting issue and wanted to share it with you if you were not aware of it. I checked the release notes for v16.2 and did not see it in there as well.

When placing numbers after bullets the numbers are wrong/off.

  • frog
  • dog
  • cat
    1. brown
    2. grey
    3. green

This looks right (the above) but Lectora can't do that.


See attached sample or visit http://www.pc-frog.com/lectora/



  • smiller7502
    smiller7502 Community Member Posts: 181
    You are trying to mix an unordered list (html tag
      ) with an ordered list (html tag
      ), so frankly I'm surprised it's working at all. I think the best fix is to put the numbered list in a separate text box; that should get you an end tag for the unordered list (
    ) at the end of the first text box, and then start and end an ordered list in the second text box.
  • pthomas1378
    pthomas1378 Community Member Posts: 32
    Yep.. Thats how I got around the issue but found it interesting in Lectora that it would show it correct making one believe that all is well.
  • klaatu
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    You do not need to use multiple text boxes, although that'll work, if you use the formatting menu. If you want the second level numbered bullets to be closer to the bullets above them then I think, unless someone else knows a way, you need a separate text box.