FREE Vector Callouts for Lectora 11?

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I have limited resources here and, while coming across some non-vector images (on a competing product's website) - they were unfortunately, non-vector.

Does anyone have any idea where I could find some vector-based callouts for Lectora 11 for a commercial product? Oh that are free and that don't require attribution? Scaling these images up to allow for more text just isn't working as they look terrible.

Probably like finding a unicorn at the end of a rainbow, isn't it?


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    Callouts are definitely a hard one. I have a bunch of free image websites saved from and I can't find any decent callouts or they aren't vectors. Create it in PowerPoint, maybe?
  • kstagg
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    Thanks guys. I'm finding that vectors still can't be scaled. Even if copied from PowerPoint scaling up really doesn't prevent fuzzing. I'm going to have to use default shapes in Lectora. Is there a way to merge shapes within Lectora? Like maybe combine a triangle and rectangle shape? (see attached). I'm trying to keep the stroke around the caption.

    I guess I could group them as one object, but can I do it and keeping the stroke and make it look like one object and not two (triangle and a rectangle on top of each other).

    Thanks in advance all your help!
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    Kevin  - If you have Lectora Inspire, try using Snagit to create a callout at your desired size. There is a Callout option in the Drawing Tools menu.

    Also, in the Stock Library in Lectora 11, go to ClipArt > signs and symbols > callouts and starbursts - there are some nice .png images in there that scale well. (Secret tip - search "vx" in the ClipArt folder to see a full collection of more modern .png images)

    Of course, if you're able to upgrade to Lectora 12, we have a native Callout shape available where you can enter text, adjust the corners and callout direction, add a border, etc.

    Hope this helps!
  • kstagg
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    Found that clipart in Lectora 11, as well as the captions in SnagIt. Thanks for this!

    You guys are great. Thanks again.