Update vs Upgrade

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For at least a year I'd like to see no new features with the Trivantis resources instead being put into resolving as many bugs, issues, quirks... as possible. Make Lectora robust, predictable, and accurate.

I understand the need for a revenue stream but having to upgrade because of some issue(s) only to be forced to deal with some new issue(s) is wearing pretty thin.

The advantages of using a rapid development tool get lost when one spends an inordinate amount time trying to workaround an issue(s) or trying to explain to a client why something that's commonplace on the web is impossible to do reliably in Lectora.


  • jvalley4735
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    Please note that in order to more quickly address bugs and issues, we've begun issuing more frequent maintenance releases that do not introduce any features - they just contain fixes.

    And, of course, each feature release also includes a significant number of bug fixes.

    It might help to know how our versioning works so that you have a better of what to expect:

    • NN.0 (Example: 16.0) - A "dot zero" release is a major release, containing many significant new features, and will require a new install.
    • NN.y (Example: 16.1) - A "dot number" release is a feature release, containing some new features as well as bug fixes.
    • NN.y.z (Example: 16.1.1) - A "point" release is a maintenance release containing only bug fixes and no new features.
    For all our releases, you can always refer to our release notes - these list out the bugs that have been addressed and any new features added for each release.

    Know that we're constantly working to improve our product, not only with enhancements, but with improved quality, performance, and stability as well.

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    Hmm, within two weeks of 16.2 being released we had to install 16.2.1 not because of some pre-existing bug but because 16.2 broke things that were working in 16.1. I felt like I was being used as a beta tester when I spent days trying to workaround the new bugs (I wanted to go back to 16.1.2 but I couldn't find an installer for it.)