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It would be awesome to be able to have more options for formatting text within buttons. For example, I'd love to manually force a line return sometimes to improve the display of the text. I've attached an example of what I'm not liking. The top button looks great. The bottom one has a long top line and a short bottom. Ideally, I'd like "job retention rights" on the same line.

Since I can't do that, we'll be making custom buttons, which takes more time. Would love to speed development by being able to do this right in Lectora.

It would also be cool to have the ability to more than one text style in a button--such as multiple colors, fonts, bold and not bold parts, etc.

It would also be cool to be able to crop buttons and shapes made in Lectora like you can with pictures. I had to add a "cover" graphic to make the left sides of the buttons have square corners within the graphic they sit in.


  • timk
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    I agree, it would be nice to have more options to style text in buttons.

    Still, one of your suggestions is already possible: You can do a line break with [Ctrl] + [Enter].


    P.S. Please include an "Inherit" option for the standard text style. I don't know why but the default font (at least for me) is "Lucida Sans Unicode" a font I've never used before. It should be the same as the default text style for the title.
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    Just curious, can anyone say why Lectora does not use CSS buttons?
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    @Erica. Are you aware that you can change the shape of a button to any Lectora shape? It does not have to be a rounded rectangle. For example, to "square" the corners, on the button's Style tab you can change the shape from the default rounded-rectangle to be a true rectangle.. or any shape.

    - - Daryl

  • beeps
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    Yup, know I can do that. We just like the rounded ones.

    I'm really looking for more control of formatting the text on the button.

    Also, another I realized this morning is it would be cool to add an indent when the text is left justified so that it isn't riding right on the side of the button.
  • timk
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    I agree again ;-) A padding would be necessary, even adding an outline doesn't help. The only thing that helps is inserting blanks a the beginning of each line.