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pthomas1378 Community Member Posts: 32
When I first developed the course Lectora auto numbers each item/thing to include questions. All is fine with that but for instance the course I'm working on had multiple check on learning questions and were at one time all in order from 1-40.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3   ect....


But as the course went under review, questions changed order some were deleted and new ones were created.

I was wondering is there a tool in Lectora that can show me all the question assets that are still in play? Something like how the Resource Tool shows number of photos and video.


  • wendymiller
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    Hi Paul,

    For each question, a Reserved variable automatically gets created. On the Tools ribbon, open the Variable Manager and switch to the Reserved tab. All of the question variables that have not been deleted from your course will be in that list in the form of "Question_0001" and so on. If the order of your questions has gotten out of order and you'd like to put them back in order, you can manually change the name of the question and the question variable associated with the question on the Question Properties ribbon. Just make sure you don't duplicate any variable names by checking the Reserved Variable list again when you are done changing the names. Hope this helps.
  • pthomas1378
    pthomas1378 Community Member Posts: 32
    "open the Variable Manager and switch to the Reserved tab."


    Ah  yes that at least gave me a nice list of whats is still around.   Thanks....