Controlling email notifications in ReviewLink?

dmcglynn8112 Community Member Posts: 6

As the developer, I would like to be able to control notifications so that my client/SMEs are not sent notifications when I don't want them to be sent.  At present, their notifications default to on and they are inudated with email notifications (even after I close the course draft for comments!!!) , and while they could turn them off (and back on) themselves, but that seems like an addition to their workload that I would prefer to avoid.  It would be better that the default for email notifications be set to OFF and or give me as the developer the some control over when ReviewLink sends email to reviewers and when it doesn't.

Right now I am just using ReviewLink as a comment collection tool rather than an issue tracking tool because it is not giving me the level of notification control I would like, which is a real shame.

Also, is there a way to assign a co-developer role to members of my team for a given course draft?

Thanks, Deirdre