Lectora Online 3.1 Released

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Released on:  

May 28, 2016

Supported Browsers:   

Internet Explorer 10+ for authoring, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge.

Lectora Online 3.1 includes the following updates and fixes:

New Features:

Lectora Online 3.1 includes new additions, like:
  • Customizable test results pages designed to work with responsive titles
  • HTML5-based media players to improve mobile delivery by eliminating Flash
  • New shape styles such as stars and callouts
  • Enter text directly into shapes
  • Object Rotation: Flip objects horizontally, vertically, or rotate them to any angle
  • Dynamic Text: identify text as “dynamic” and update it after publishing
  • Tag and Search: add title labels to identify and easily locate content

You can view a complete list of new features here.


With the architecture changes necessary to support many of the new features and functionality, a newer browser platform is required. Therefore, beginning with this release we will no longer support content development using Internet Explorer 9 and lower. (Published content may still be viewed in IE9 or lower.)


Feature Notes:
  • Test Results will be an in-line page within the title, not a pop-up. Please check your inheritance and navigation to/from the results page (especially inherited "Back" buttons).
  • Titles with Customized Test Results enabled will have those results pages converted to the new Results object. Property checkbox settings will be retained. Custom styling of text (fonts, colors, sizes) will not be retained. Use the Results Designer to apply text styling.
  • Existing Flash-based custom skins will no longer work with new HTML5 player. You will need to recreate them as HTML5 skins. (See Information Center.)
  • Closed captions will work, however any special text styling within the XML file will not function. This will be resolved shortly with support of newer caption formats.
  • When video is viewed full-screen on iOS devices the device’s default skin is used. Lectora does not have control.

Issues Fixed:

LO-1338 LO RCD Beta Bug Repeated keyboard pasting text locks up browser
LO-1394 Audio player controls getting cut off
LO-1676 RCD library objects imported into non-RCD title return error, do not import
LO-1677 Page off centered in run mode after dragging object off page in Edit mode
LO-2196 Save button will not enable for some browsers.
LO-2203 Letters can be entered into the Width and Height field
LO-2223 A.getAncestorOfType is not a function
LO-2233 Infinite Loop in RepMgrFacade.showZipTree()
LO-2234 RCD drag menu off the page in TP view, it is partly on in PP and shows up when running
LO-2326 Shared Templates will become stuck in a sub-folder if it is the first folder
LO-2329 Titles published to ReviewLink and viewed on iPhone have horizontal scroll bars
LO-2331 Importing LD package file - Text block loses border
LO-2355 Changes not being retained if user switches to run mode before saving
LO-2377 Import zipped folder will not merge content into title, only replace
LO-2385 7zip archive files not able to be attached as a folder
LO-2423 When launching two lightbox popups at the same time, the top-most popup will be blank
LO-2516 Documentation says that test results can be submitted via email
LO-2777 Reference to window.top causes JS cross domain error in certain situations
LO-2836 Audio/Video with skin saved in Library Object does not import correctly

LO-1132 Edge browser on Windows 10 issue - when hitting enter when entering text double spacing occurs
LO-1513 Edge browser issue - typing in a text block constantly kicks you back to beginning of line - on v2.0 and v3.0
LO-1596 Audio w/ no controller in a group prevents page from loading page prev/pub prev
LO-1874 Status indicator images in menus not retained if saved as library object
LO-1922 YouTube video object not working on iOS 9.1
LO-2219 Disallow MENU type TOC at the Title level when there is one or more AUs
LO-2220 Editing HTML extension within pop-out editor breaks script
LO-2284 Timer transparent background displays incorrectly
LO-2291 Audio (autostart on and display not controller) that is off page still plays
LO-2298 Audio doesn't stop playing after you exit run mode
LO-2299 Auto start for audio and video not work in Publish Preiew and Page Preview
LO-2307 Hyperlinks in text blocks are not 'tab-able' in LO published content -
LO-2353 Copy and pasting HTML Extensions renames the object
LO-2365 Events not being displayed in time order on synchronize events dialog
LO-2395 Audio controllers do not display in Firefox for Edit and Run modes
LO-2405 HTML Extension editor not displaying save button when long names are used
LO-2407 Status Indicator Empty Alt Tag doesn't work quite right
LO-2548 Entry Fields Do Not Retain Transparent Background
LO-2573 Text scrollbars do not appear if text block is in it's default state
LO-2587 Theme button graphics appear missing when rolled over
LO-2669 Copying a timer and using that copy on the same page causes a problem
LO-2774 Status Indicator - Property Always on Top should be marked by default

LO-0842 Drag item wanders when the view has been scaled to fix a device
LO-1729 Inline VAR should not work/resolve in question choice text
LO-1904 Incorrectly Deleting question Variables safety net is being hit a ton.
LO-2049 Random test sections deleting pages issue
LO-2161 Likert not updating some properties from edit question
LO-2237 Cannot save question point value as 0
LO-2363 XML tags are repeating when questions are saved (likert is the severe case)
LO-2408 Changing question variables do not trigger save
LO-2478 Feedback does not display for MC questions when max attempts is set
LO-2481 Tests scored with 0 points will not report correct xAPI statement
LO-2499 Changing target of pass or failed test from default pages causes publish error.
LO-2507 Max Attempts are not reset by a Reset Test/Survey action
LO-2535 Questions will show enabled on page switch after being disabled after max attempts reached, only on run-time in responsive titles
LO-2536 Question with feedback enabled and max attempts set without feedback will show max-attempt message instead on run-mode
LO-2620 Likert - Deleting a statement from a Likert causes statements 1 & 2 to be duplicated.
LO-2621 Likert - Editing existing scale labels not updating for statement 1


LO-0746 Action attached to question choice text: Cursor barely changes to pointer
LO-0795 Flash command action values not being saved when created in Safari
LO-2264 Customer issue - actions not firing after audio play
LO-2359 Mute/Unmute actions not working

LO-1938 When publishing content from a course developed in LO to reviewlink the content will not fully display.
LO-2316 CurrentView Variable always reports "Desktop"
LO-2332 When publishing content from a course developed in LO to reviewlink the content will not fully display.
LO-2366 Feedback Action of 'Display Page in Popup' when published WITHOUT use of lightboxes halts progress in test
LO-2775 Publish will NOT write ALT tags for an Image if the object name contains image