lectora 16 creating to much images

jv1749 Community Member Posts: 2

If i compare a lectora 11 vs lectora I see that lectora 16 makes 4 extra images.

If i have a button with a mouse over i get:

- Orginal button

- Orginal mouseover button

- Lectora created button

- Lectora created button mouseover

- Lectora created button mousedown

- Lectora created button disabled.

I get 800 more files and 10mb more. Also if i have my own Next button i see 100 or more images of a next button in the map.

Lectora 11 training got 400 files.(30mb)

Lectora 16 training tot 1200 files.(40mb)

I dont want lectora to make this extra buttons. Is this possible like in Lectora 11? So i just have 2 files instead of 6.

Also if I publish the buttons dont look sharp anymore on every side.