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Apparently SCORM 1.2 allows cheating. What techniques does Lectora Inpsire have to thwart this?


  • ssneg
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    The nature of SCORM is that LMS always trusts the data sent by the learner's browser. And this data can easily be manipulated by the learner. So ANY course using SCORM is not secure, regardless of SCORM version, authoring tool or LMS. The only really secure way of doing quizzes is to assess learners via server-side tool (e.g. quiz engine built into an LMS, in this case CourseMill, if you are looking for Trivantis products).
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    The company i gonna start working for in June , Splintt ( ) is developing serverside XAPI based tools to secure the communication. Any client side only tool will not be secure. Only way to ensure your data is secure is doing some serverside based check whether its XAPI or Scorm.
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    I love e-learning but it's got limitations. Certifications, qualifications or any other examination that has serious meaning must be taken with a live proctor. All e-learning tests should be considered "open book". No programming interface in the world will prevent "help" with distant learning examinations. So, if you're that concerned that someone might hack your exams then it's a good bet that those test(s) should be proctored.