Actions - can't find actions, is there an advanced action menu?

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Hi all,

I was just working on something and needed create a onMouse DoubleClick action, but my action option's are very few in Lectora.  All I have is Page Show, Object Hide/Show, Mouse click/enter/exit/right click.

However, the help file suggest that there are many other actions available:

Any Key
Mouse Click
Mouse Double-Click
Mouse Enter
Mouse Exit
Show Page
Done Playing
Any Key
Right Mouse Click

I can't locate any of these.  Any ideas where they are?



  • klaatu
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    What are you trying to put the action on?
  • nakram1001
    nakram1001 Community Member Posts: 8
    Hi, I'm trying to apply this particular action to a hotspot I've created using a shape.  If certain actions are restricted to specific objects, is there somewhere I can find this list?

  • klaatu
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    Oh, sorry, I'm not sure about what objects have what triggers or what publishing mode you have to be in to see them. If you want to use some JavaScript to insert a double click event listener on a certain page then add a run JavaScript on the show of the page with the following:

    document.getElementById('shapeXXX').addEventListener('dblclick', function(){
    /* do your code here */

    Replace the shapeXXX with your transparent hot spot shape HTML Name. Reply if you need further assistance with the code and I or someone else here will surely help you out.


  • klaatu
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    I'm sure one of the more seasoned Lectora users will be able to answer this for you quickly.
  • jvalley4735
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    If you use a hot spot question you won't be able to use double clicking.  The answers are considered form objects that you can only select and deselect.  You could however fake the question by using transparent buttons which do support double clicking.
  • klaatu
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    Naseem was asking where to find the double click trigger?
  • nakram1001
    nakram1001 Community Member Posts: 8
    I'm doing a software simulation in this instance.  And some of the functions in this software require a double click, hence the hotspot that requires a double click.

    I've tried using the actual button object, but it still gives me the same trigger options.
  • klaatu
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    Ever since you asked that question I have tried to find any object that has a double click trigger and I can't find one. I've tried different publishing modes too. Nothing. Anyone else in the forum know how to bring up a double click trigger?

    Until then you can use the JavaScript I suggested. Private message me of you need help with it.
  • timk
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    The double-click trigger has been available until Lectora v11 (i don't know if it existed in v12) for actions on buttons, images and shapes. It has only ever worked when publishing to formats using the Lectora Viewer (CD / EXE), not when publishing to be viewed in a browser (I thought browsers don't support double-clicks).

    To create a double-click you can use Darrels code or Jennies approach by placing a transparent button over your hotspot. Add two actions to the button:


    On: Click
    Action: Hide
    Target: This object


    On: Hide
    Action: Show
    Target: This object
    Delay: 0.5 sec

    This way the real hotspot can only be clicked during the .5 seconds while the transparent button is hidden.

    Other triggers only exist for certain objects:

    Some triggers are only available for actions added to the page itself:

    On: Keystroke (It's not possible to press [Enter] for an image only ;-)
    On: Any key

    On: Device rotation
    On: Screen Swipe Left
    On: Screen Swipe Right
    Why not add "Up" and "Down"?

    On: Timed Interval

    Some triggers are only available for actions on certain objects:

    On: Done playing
    Only available for videos and audios, i.e. for "playable" objects.

    On: Select / Change
    Only available for form objects that can be selected, e.g. radio buttons, checkboxes, input field.


  • klaatu
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    Thank you, Tim. Great info. I think a guide review and revision is in order.
  • nakram1001
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    Thanks guys.  Most helpful!

    So essentially the help guide is out of date.
  • ssneg
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    Tim's way of adding a button that hides for 0.5 sec and reappears is INGENIOUS!
  • msullivan3430
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    Thank you for this post. It was very helpful in my simulation!