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Hi all,

I've created a course using Lectora Enterprise (I know this is a very old version of Lectora) and published it using SCORM 1.2 Comformant. I'm using the SCORM Cloud LMS to share this.

After completing the course, the Completion status in SCORM LMS is showing:incomplete and Success status is showing passed (in green). How can I set use the right variable in order for the SCORM Cloud to read the Completion as completed and Success showing passed? I've not used any variables to set the AICC_Lesson_Status. If I do need to set this,

1)  where do I place the variables?

2) My course has assessment/test page.

Hope someone can help me with this. Thank you.





  • timk
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    If there is a test in your title, the score (AICC_Score) is sent to the LMS automatically. The status (of the attempt) isn't sent by default.

    Where to place that variable? That depends on where or when you want the attempt to be completed. In your case this is probably when the user has passed the test. You can add an action to the "Congratulations" page, i.e. the page to that the user is directed "On: Passed" of your test:

    On: Show
    Action: Modify variable
    Target: AICC_Lesson_Status
    Type: Set equal to
    Value: completed

    If you don't have separate pages for "Passed" and "Failed / Cancelled" put the action to that page as well and add a condition to the action:

    Only if "AICC_Score" is "greater or equal" to "80" (Enter your passing score).

  • tila72000
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    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your reply. I've finally resolved this issue yesterday after all the research done. Thanks to Trivantis community! I do have two separate pages for "Passed" and "Failed". I placed the above variables in these pages and it worked! Scrom Cloud read the details and gives me what I wanted when a user passed or failed the course.  =)