AudioEditor.exe has stopped working

pixel Community Member Posts: 16
I'm having issues with the Set Event Timings . I'm trying to add events to a MP3 file in Lectora 16 and when i click on the Set Event Timings button from the Sync Events button i get an error telling me the AudioEditor. exe has stopped working. Can anybody assist?



  • dcarroll3658
    dcarroll3658 Community Member Posts: 20
    Hi there


    I had a similar problem which turned out to be my Departments IT security blocking exe files. Maybe you could try asking your IT Branch to create an exception for the Lectora video and audio editors so that they can function.


  • pixel
    pixel Community Member Posts: 16
    Thanks Dan, Not sure if that is going to be that simple for us. We'll give it a try. Do you or someone know the name of the exe files that are attempting to run? AudioEditor.exe is one but is there another one for video?

  • fdillard
    fdillard Community Member Posts: 7
    I am having sort of the same problem. When it first told me that it had stopped working, I switched from using Audacity to Sound Forge. It worked like a charm. Now the editor won't hold my events no matter how many times I try to save them. Suggestions?