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shaizlip Community Member Posts: 5
Having issues with curriculums that have courses with multiple sessions.  If the user completes the curriculum in 2015 and then in 2016 is enrolled in a session outside the curriculum that was completed, it reopens the curriculum and the user must access that new session from inside the curriculum.  Is this an expected behavior?


  • dgiffin8260
    dgiffin8260 Community Member Posts: 5
    This can get a little tricky when dealing with curriculums that contain courses with multiple sessions, each having their own specific session dates and times, where the curriculum itself does not have the session dates and times specified.  Best rule of thumb as stated in the CM supplemental guide, "If your curriculum has multiple locations or dates, you will need to duplicate your curriculum to accommodate those other locations/dates."

    I see you have sent me a separate email concerning curriculums and sessions, so we'll take a closer look at your situation.