Resetting Variables Conditions

lwubbena3945 Community Member Posts: 3
How do I reset the variables only if a page has not been visited? So, that if a learner returns to the page, the variables will not be reset?

I make the learner click on all the buttons to before the next button appears. But, I do not want them to have to do it again.

Thank you for any help you can give me!



  • jvalley4735
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    You can keep the value and therefore have the course remember which actions already took place by "retaining" there value.  If you go into Tools, Variable Manager, and select the variable you want to stick you can edit it and select the option to "Retain value in between sessions".
  • lwubbena3945
    lwubbena3945 Community Member Posts: 3
    Thank you, Jennifer. Do I simply do this instead of using a reset variables action on in addition to?

    I will give it a try!


  • jvalley4735
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    Resetting the variable will cause the value to return to it's iniatal state. If there's an action on the page which is adjusting the variable I would recommend retaining the value instead of resetting it. Resetting it will most likely make the actions on each page need to happen again if you want to move forward. If going through the course once and then being able to return through and skip pages is what your after then what I suggested will work :)
  • lwubbena3945
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    Nope. It worked, but it didn't work. Yes, it does retain the value, but what I need is two-fold. I want them to be able to visit the page again and not have to press all the buttons, but if they didn't visit the page, they need to press the buttons before having access to the Next button.

    It didn't work because I used universal buttons for Button_1, Button_2, etc., for all the pages with buttons. Once those buttons are clicked on one page, the next page with buttons already shows the "next" button.  If I create unique buttons for every page, it will be cumbersome. Plus, I am building this as a template for inexperienced users and we want reduce the amount of variables they need to deal with. Hmmm..

    I was hoping I could  "reset the variables on a page unless the page has been visited".


  • ssneg
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    Can you share the title with us? Please feel free to remove any sensitive information. I'm pretty sure that you could achieve what you want by adding a condition based on page tracking status to your actions.
  • timk
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    As Sergey mentioned, you can use the Page status to save whether a user has fulfilled all conditions on a page. Check the title I've shared, all buttons / shapes are on title level, there is only one variable to track the users progress through the steps on the pages:

  • amwdmw
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    How about setting an Action of On Page Show, Modify Variable (ResetVariable is what I called it), Set Equal To, Value of Blank (my initial state), If This Page Is In Progress or This Page Is Not Started. (see pic)

    And then Show the Next Button if the Page is Completed?  So, use completion status of page vs click of buttons.

    Don't know if that will work...or if I understood the situation correctly.  :)