HTML5 player caption workaround?

bgreen1217 Community Member Posts: 16
Hi All,

HTML5 player only + Closed Captions + Mobile devices. I know it's been asked before and I'm well aware of the current limitations. I've also come across a few threads where mods have alluded to an imminent update (16.1) that should resolve this issue once and for all. I'm on a tight deadline, so alas, time isn't on my side.

I've spent the last two days attempting to hack together a workaround, but unfortunately I've hit a wall and so in a last ditch attempt, I'm reaching out in the hope that some smart cookie has successfully integrated closed captions for HTML5 video in Lectora.

I pray I'm not tasked to produce content with strict accessibility requirements again until software vendors have every angle covered. It's no walk in the park, as I'm sure some of you can appreciate!

Any assistance to jump this hurdle will be much appreciated.


  • ssneg
    ssneg Community Member Posts: 1,466
    Maybe you could use a 3rd party HTML5 video player instead? Or do you have Lectora actions in there?
  • bgreen1217
    bgreen1217 Community Member Posts: 16
    Hi Sergey.. unfortunately the video's do require an action. Specifically "Done playing", which doesn't seem to work with HTML5 videos, so I've utilized the 'event method' provided in another thread.

    Two steps forward and one step back at the moment, ha! I'm sure I'll figure something out in the end.

    Thanks for offering an option though Sergey.


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