Award-winning Courses by the Top Pets of eLearning

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We received many great submissions to the annual pet course creation contest. Check out the Everything eLearning Blog to see the winning courses.

And now, without further ado...the rest of the entrants! Be sure to submit your own pets of eLearning in the comments!

"Safety Gear Guidelines" by Layla Barnett
Staying safe in the workplace means taking care of your gear and wearing it correctly. Layla's course is the perfect example.

"How to Identify the Best Lounge Locations" by Patrice LaQ
While seemingly targeted at a narrow audience (professional nappers?), this course featured some great interactive assessments and earned an honorable mention for overall cuteness.

"Fitness Fix" by Zoe Wilson
For all the health conscious pets out there, Zoe has created a heart-pumping workout routine that truly invigorates! A word of warning: it does involve being chased by dogs...


Now show us what your pets have been creating!