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Hi there,

By default it appears a multiple choice question works on the 'and' principle, yet I need 'or'.


Q. Which of the following statements is true.

A. Cars have wheels

A. Cars have windows

A. Cars have seats

With the way 'multiple choice questions' are setup in Lectora. I can assign one of those answers to be correct, more than one, or all.

- If I choose one to be correct the other two or a combination of any other answers is incorrect.

- If I choose multiple answers but not all answers to be correct, then the two I select as correct (two in this case because there are 3 answers) have to be chosen, any other combination will be incorrect.

- If I select all answers as correct, then the user must select all the answers, if they choose two (even though both statements would be true) then they'll be marked incorrect because they didn't choose all the answers.

*I've probably provided an over explanation, I'm sure you get the point*

So is there a way to setup a question whereby the user can select any answer and be marked correct? It'd be great if they could receive a partial score as well.. but I might be getting ahead of myself.

If my question needs further elaboration please let me know.




P.s. I'm using Lectora Inspire 16.


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    Hi Benjamin,

    Quite easy to setup. Check here for a sample.

    Kind regards,

  • bgreen1217
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    Hi Math,

    That's a clever approach! Thanks very much for taking the time to provide a sample file as well.

    Hopefully these "multi question questions" will play nicely in my SCORM tests, I don't see why not :)

    Thanks again,

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    In fact, all you need to do is to enable "Grade each choice" in question settings and mark all answers as correct. Then EACH CORRECT answer will be worth 1 point and your whole question will be worth 3 points. See screenshot.

    Since questions are scored only as part of a quiz, you will have to add them to the quiz. Your learners will get 0%, 33%, 67% or 100% result depending on how many correct answers they select.
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    Thanks for chiming in Sergey.

    I should have considered the "Grade each choice" option a little more carefully. I guess it effectively turns each answer into an "or/and".

    I'm not sure I follow the percentage example you gave, maybe I'm getting my wires crossed (excuse me, it's been a long day). How does the point value relate to the question, or overall quiz score as a percentage?

    I might be misunderstanding the fundamental scoring system for tests in Lectora, if that's the case, please don't spell it out for me. I'm happy to seek out the applicable documentation and do some reading!

    Thanks again Sergey,

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    What I am saying, you cannot see in Lectora how many points someone scored in your question (0, 1, 2 or 3). Instead, you can wrap this question in a quiz and see how many %% the learner scored, i.e. 0%, 33%, 67% or 100%. Which gives you the exact same information, only in a different format.
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    Ah ha.. that makes perfect sense. Thanks for taking the time to explain Sergey, much appreciated.