Missing publishing option (alter page names with ascii characters)

abraun2714 Community Member Posts: 10
I am looking for a solution for the German "Umlaute" (ä, ö, ü) in page names when publishing to html. In the information center of Lectora 16.0.2 there is a new option which seems to replace the old option "convert page names to short id names" (sorry I don't know the exact phrase in English because I am working with a German version of Lectora) - please see screenshot attached.

I am missing this option which would be perfect to solve my page name problem with Umlaute. Or is there possibly another solution?

Thank you!


  • klaatu
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    Hi Anja, the option is still there when you go to publish to Web(HTML).

  • abraun2714
    abraun2714 Community Member Posts: 10
    Thank you, Darrel,

    but this is exactly NOT the option which I am missing. I am missing the one of the information center, which indicates that there is a possibility to transform non-ascii characters as German "Umlaute".
    I've got the option “convert page names to short id-based names”, but not the one of the information center which is a completely different sentence (see my screenshot). It says
    "This option uses replacement ascii characters for special characters and "Umlaute", so that the genereated html names are compatible with web browsers."

    For SEO reasons I don't won't to use the id-based names.

    For example title "Modulübersicht" -> file name "modulübersicht.html" :-(

    I need something which changes the name of the html file (e.g. in "moduluebersicht.html") but not of the page title itself. Because in navigation we still need "Modulübersicht".

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again
  • t_johnb
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    Just seems to be incorrect text in the translated help. Are you having issues with the accented characters as page names?
  • timk
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    That option existed until Lectora vX.6, it's gone since Lectora 11.  Converting page names to short id-based names will only change the names of the published files, not the page titles.

  • abraun2714
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    Thanks John, for the idea - I just compared with the English text and there is indeed not exactly the same phrase - "This option will use the page’s unique internal number so that the generated HTML page names are compatible with Web browsers." In German version there is no mention of the unique internal number but a "replacement of non-ascii characters" especially for Umlaute.

    As far as I know it's not a good idea to use mutated vowels (German Umlaute) in URLs. I can cause trouble with browsers or search engines.

    So my hope is disappointed that there could be a new feature to solve these problems. :-(

    Maybe in a future version of Lectora? Generally it would be great to change the file names or URLs independant of page names.


  • abraun2714
    abraun2714 Community Member Posts: 10
    Thanks, Tim! It would be interesting to know why this option disappeared in Lectora >= 11.

    I don't want to use short id-based names, but I need a solution for changing special characters in the names of published files (which will be URLs in the end) ...

  • t_johnb
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    I believe it was removed because it was no longer an issue for browsers or search engines. You should be able to happily use any accented character you want in your page names.
  • abraun2714
    abraun2714 Community Member Posts: 10
    In Germany URLs with mutated vowels have not become accepted because of issues with browsers and / or search engines. I will think about it. Thanks for trying to help me!
  • rfuest6134
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    There may be environments where special characters wil work, but there are also situations, where server operating systems, web server software, proxy servers, learning management systems, client operating systems, client browsers are not happy about special characters.

    We are using apge names in the menue object, so we can not easily change them to fit the needs of the sourrounding technology. The best way would be to provide an option to change the page name and file name separately. An option to rewrite page names to better file names while publishing would also be a good choice (perhaps with the possibility to adapt the translation table).

    So it seems to be a feature request.