Cloning/duplicate action

mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
For the 'Journal' sample I needed dynamic elements.  For example.. the list of avatars on the right ... no fixed order, no fixed number, so I needed to build that dynamically depending on users choices.
In javascript I now fixed that by using 'clone/cloneNode' to duplicate the needed elements.
In the ancient past in Actionscript you could use duplicateMovieclip to copy a MC and all of its contents.
With clone I can do the same in JS, but I do need to get all elements separately and construct it the way I want.

Would it not be nice if I could define a 'group' inside Lectora and have a Action 'duplicateGroup' ?

Further there is a small bug in Lectora when using this like described above. An image in Lectora with a name with a capital in it... myImage.png will be renamed when published and zipped to myimage.png
Breaking the dynamic setup because when you call myImage.png in your wont find it. No biggie, but good to know...