Android swipe right and left actions way too sensitive

rwalters Community Member Posts: 276
I'm building responsive design courses and have added swipe actions to navigate pages. This works great on iOS devices. However, on an Android it constantly switches pages when I am just trying to scroll up and down on the page. It sometimes changes pages when I'm just trying to press a button. Is this something that can be adjusted with code or is this just a problem with Android? Or is this specific to the phone I am using? Does anyone else have this issue?


  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    I'm not seeing it as a reported issue.  So it either might be technology related or something that hasn't been brought to our attentions yet.  You may want to submit a support ticket to see if they can replicate the issue.
  • rwalters
    rwalters Community Member Posts: 276
    I'll wait to see if we get user complaints. It could just be my Android in particular. However, it's happened on my iPhone occasionally as well. It's just annoying to suddenly be on a different page than the one you were reading.
  • timk
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    I once had a student complaining about that, but only once. She used a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, I don't know which Android Version. I couldn't recreate the issue with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S with Android 5.0.2. Swiping was "easy" but controllable. Mind that i don't know how many of my students use Android tablets.