Audio Extension

khanson1632 Community Member Posts: 5
I have a question regarding accessing the audio files in a Lectora project via an html plugin. I want to be able to do actions like play, pause, mute, stop etc. I have found the functions that do this for me by opening the html files generated after publishing, however, I want to be able to do these things to an audio file without knowing what the file's name is.

So I want to be able to add this html script to the entire project so it is imported on every page. There will only be one audio file per page and from what I have seen they are all named as “audioXXX” (in the generated html files) where the “XXX” is some sequence of numbers. Is there a way to fetch this so I can call for instance audioXXX.actionPlay();, something like getAudioFile().actionPlay();, or a way of writing the getAudioFile function to return the instance of the audio file on that page?