LMS Recommendations?

Figured that this would be a good forum for this question....looking for an LMS to use with a distinct customer base.  Would like it to be hosted by the LMS provider (don't want to deal with our IT dept)....would be loading courses created using Lectora Inspire, as well as stand alone videos, to be used by our customers.  Besides Trivantis' proprietary LMS - does your LMS work well?  If so, what is it, and what do you like about it?  Let me know!


  • klaatu
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    How big is the customer base? SumTotal Systems, now a Skillsoft company, has an LMS that focuses on building talent as much as it does keeping records. Truth be told I never used their LMS, however, I programmed with their online course authoring system, ToolBook, for years before they were bought by Skillsoft (not upgrading anymore). They produce good applications. ToolBook to this day outperforms Lectora (sorry) in a lot of area's but since it has not been updated in quite a while, and will never be, the compatibility issues with modern browsers is its death knell. I believe SumTotal Systems/SkillSoft are still pretty respected in the industry for their LMS. Our IT manages our 2 LMS (PeopleSoft and Tracker.net) so they're out of contention for what you need.

    Happy Hunting. When you settle on something I'd like to know what you go with and why if you don't mind sharing.
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    Hunting for an LMS is never easy, or fun! And I don't want to put a damper on your search, but you may want to keep a couple of questions in mind since you are not wanting to deal with your IT department.

    1. How will your employee information get into the LMS? The information will either need to be manually entered, which can be time consuming if you have a lot of turnover or you may wish to sync with your HCM, but IT would need to be involved.

    2. Will you be able to access this external LMS? Is the site restricted?

    Good luck!

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