Clearing cache from survey tools - entry fields/drop-down lists

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Hi all,

I'm working with some simulations I've created in Lectora and some of the pages have drop-down lists and entry fields.

Part of the functionality of the simulation is to allow the user to move back a page, for example to redo the previous tasks, or to refresh their memory etc.

I've set up OnSelectChange actions on most of my survey tools.  However, when using the navigation to go back to the previous page, the entry fields and drop-down lists retain their values, and so make the OnSelectChange actions awkward as the user must for example change the drop-down from the correct value to another one and then back again etc.

Is there a function/action I can use/set to clear the values for all survey tools used on the page when a button is pressed or when the last action has been completed for the current page?

Any help appreciated.



  • klaatu
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    I'm not sure if this is what you want but you can put an action on the show of the page to reset all variables.
  • ssneg
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    Add a form to the page and move all your form elements (e.g. dropdowns) to that form. Then add a new action to the page: "On Show - Reset Form". It will reset radio button groups, entry fields, dropdowns etc. as if they were never touched by the learner.
  • nakram1001
    nakram1001 Community Member Posts: 8
    That's great.  Exactly what I wanted!!!

    Thank you.
  • klaatu
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    Sergey's suggestion is definitely the way to go because resetting all variables resets ALL variables in the course.
  • ginabina
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    What do you mean by form?
  • klaatu
    klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
    On the Test & Survey tab you'll see this in the Add Form Element part of the ribbon.